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Itsuko IKEBE

Motivation pour être le thérapeute
Born in Tokyo, Japanese, lives in Switzerland for 18 years.

I am a financial controller, worked for a foreign investment bank for 10 years in Japan, Singapore and Australia. After that I came to Switzerland for a similar financial mission for 8 years at a Swiss bank. In 2008, I moved to Montreux from Zurich.

I am a big sports woman who is passionate about a fit body and good health. I am certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher as well as Thai massage & foot massage therapist.

When I had trouble in my wrist, I happened to meet Japanese Reset Therapy. This treatment was really helpful for mitigating my wrist issue and brought good results of Golf.

I discovered that this Japanese reset therapy is how powerful, wonderful therapy for stimulating self-healing ability. At the same time, my friends who took the reset therapy introduced by me are all happy for its outcome of the reset therapy sessions. Having seen the situation, and also my own experience, I decided to become a Japanese Reset Therapist.

Now focusing on introducing Japanese reset therapy, on top of Hatha yoga and massages experiences, I am willing for many people to have healthy life.

Japanese Reset Therapist
Espace Thérapies Naturelles
Boulevard de Grancy 10,
1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
Certified by Gratitude Suisse Sàrl
email: itsuko.gratitudesuisse@gmail.com
Tel: + 41 76 565 59 39